About Sunray Plants

Our nursery was started in 1985 in a beautiful part of Devon where the sun always shines when its not raining? Since then, we’ve provided excellent plants to clients throughout the UK. No matter what you’re looking for in regards to plant life, we’re sure that we’ve got something for you. Give us a call today to find out more about what we offer and at what garden shows we will be at throughout the country.

Sue’s Experience

I had grown up with sempervivum tectorum in my parents’ garden and my mum gave me a small sempervivum arachnoidium from a local school fete a few years later. These were two plants that I brought with me to my own garden. After a visit to a garden centre, my collection grew to 6!

I loved the symmetry and neatness of how it grew; I was hooked! We scoured G.C. and other collections to add to mine. While we found that many rotted in the winter, some went to flower almost straight away in the summer and many though their colour looked vibrant in the spring, it soon faded to leave me with a drab plant for the rest of the year.

It was by accident that some seedlings came up in between some slabs with one standing out as having a better colour and stronger growth. My friends wanted offsets from it and the part-time hobby soon turned in to a full-time hobby!

Ray’s Experience

We came across Restios by fashion of mistake. We were purchasing a few to grow on as centre plantings for our sempervivum containers. Unfortunately, they were sold to us with the completely wrong information, thus it did not work. Fortunately, it became an introduction to a most wonderful and exciting group of plants.

Several decades of selection, hybridisation, and working out correct requirements for their growing has turned in to 10-12 thousand in a dozen varieties, mainly my own. Including Baloskion, Devon Glade and Devon Dawn.

Got Any Questions?

If you’re interested in the plants available at our nursery, give us a call!