About Sunray Plants

Our nursery was started in 1985 in a beautiful part of Devon where the sun always shines when its not raining? Since then, we’ve provided excellent plants to clients throughout the UK. No matter what you’re looking for in regards to plant life, we’re sure that we’ve got something for you. Give us a call today to find out more about what we offer and at what garden shows we will be at throughout the country.

Plant Sculpture

Our History

The nursery was cobbled together using bits and pieces that were begged, borrowed, and repaired. Recycling was our motto long before it became the trendy word of today. We would be out at 5.30am to collect used wooden veg boxes from the back of supermarkets. These would be where we sowed our seeds, stuck our cuttings, and sold our plants from. We even sold the empty boxes on to other nurseries to make money to buy the other provisions needed.

Our plant beds, frames, and benches were all made using reclaimed wooden crates, builders rubble, and old corrugated sheets covered with old carpets. The nursery evolved over the years, with us growing many different types of plants, enduring two floods which nearly washed our business away and an unusually severe frost which wiped out our main plant of the time.

I am Sue Thomas-Rowe and I started working at a wholesale nursery straight from school aged 16. I worked there for four years, learning the ins and outs of business. It’s also where I met Ray Rowe, who from toddler to old tottera has always been involved in plant production. It’s not a passion in him; but a DNA trait. It wasn't until the 90s that I got seriously in to growing sempervivum and Ray started growing restios. This is when we became a speciality nursery of international standing.

Got Any Questions?

If you’re interested in the plants available at our nursery, give us a call!